Local TV for Northern Dutchess

PANDA is committed to providing local television programming that will increase opportunities for community expression, education, and access to government. We serve five municipalities: Town of Rhinebeck, Town of Red Hook, Village of Rhinebeck, Village of Red Hook and Village of Tivoli. 

As part of our contract with the municipalities, we record and air council and trustee board meetings. Other municipal and school boards and organizations are welcome to record their meetings for airing on PANDA. Any resident or local organization can create programs to show on PANDA TV. We will provide equipment and editing facilities, and can recommend videographers for hire when desired.

PANDA is a 501c3 non profit corporation. Our board is comprised of members appointed by each of the five municipalities we serve. These municipalities provide annual operational funding. We also receive support for special projects from the Frost Memorial Fund. 

Our office is in the Red Hook Community Center, 59 Fisk Street, Suite 102.  Hours vary. Contact our station manager.

Mailing address: PO Box 23, Tivoli, NY 12583.


Station Manager: Danielle Chanler stationmgr@pandatv23.org 


Eric Riback, Chair & Treasurer eric.riback@mapville.com

Mark Durand, Vice Chair

Christine Garza, Secretary

Mary Ann Harvey